The selfie: Modern day procrastination

The Selfie: Modern Day Procrastination


I have seen again and again that the experience of being accurately reflected is profoundly healing; perhaps it is the most healing thing we can offer one another. To me, this is what astrology is about.

Astrology is a mystery and yet it’s useful- we have been guided by the stars since we could look up and make meaning of them. It can reinforce the belief that we live in an intelligent universe that is in dialogue with us. It’s an ancient art that can give meaning to our modern lives by providing insight, reflection and guidance. I am interested in participating in an astrology that promotes love, peace and justice on the planet in the most practical ways possible.


Chani has a degree in Feminist Counseling from George Brown College and a BA in Integral Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies. Many of her ideas, philosophies and concepts have been and are constantly shaped by LGBTQI2S, POC and feminist writers, artists, thinkers, activists and community members. She studied psychological astrology for over 20 years and is currently studying traditional astrology with Demetra George. She also learns endless amounts from her many brilliant colleagues, comrades and the folks that she works with both in individual readings and group settings. Chani devotes her spare time to studying, practicing and supporting restorative justice practices.