Horoscopes for the Week of December 5th


December 4, 2016



image by Chani

image by Chani


Tuesday, December 6th

Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries, both at 20°

Wednesday, December 7th

Venus enters Aquarius

Friday, December 9th

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra, both at 18°

Saturday, December 10th

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, both at 9°

Sun conjunct Saturn at 18° of Sagittarius

Sunday, December 11th

Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, both at 20°

Freedom comes with great commitment. Wanting it is not enough. Wearing it is not enough. Talking about it is not enough. We have to be able to witness ourselves with exacting honesty and all-encompassing compassion. We have to be tender, but not fragile. We have to be in it to win it.

As the sun in the ever buoyant and optimistic sign of Sagittarius bounds through three important transits this week, it writes such sentiments across the sky.

On Friday, the sun sets itself up in a sextile with Jupiter. The sun’s alignment with Jupiter speaks to a moment of optimism, good feelings, abundance and possibly even a little grace. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, making this sextile receptive in nature. Sextiles are subtle but helpful and because the sun is in Jupiter’s sign, it is able to access and make the most out of the potential prosperity of the moment.

On Saturday, the sun slows its roll as it collides with Saturn. Saturn’s dimness is despairing in contrast to the sun’s brilliance. Saturn is stern and withholding while the sun is life-giving and sustaining. Saturn is hard on us. It wants us to do better. To be rigorous in our efforts. To conduct our lives with autonomy and integrity. This is the sun’s annual conjunction to Saturn. Each time the sun makes this conjunction, we get to witness the progress we have made and the coherence of our work in a certain area of our life. We get to see our test results. We get to witness the strength of our commitments. We get rewarded for our work if we have done it. 

Friday’s sun/Jupiter sextile and Saturday’s Sun/Saturn conjunction both highlight the fact that Saturn and Jupiter are in an almost-but-not-quite sextile. The sextile between them won’t be officially realized until August 2017, but we will be able to feel its effect now. Saturn in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra is also an aspect with reception. Saturn has had a hard time in Sagittarius thus far, but now it is assisted by its friend and ally, Jupiter. This budding sextile infuses Saturn and the area of our charts that Saturn is traveling through with, dare I say it, some hope.

On Saturday, the sun in Sagittarius will form a trine to Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the Queen of Freedom. She was born with zero fuks. She’s burned the bridges to her haters and she has set herself free. She functions beyond the bounds of Saturn. Beyond shame and repression. Beyond borders and gravity. She is transpersonal. She is inventive. She is every alternative to structures that instate only binary solutions. She shatters all norms. She has one message and that is to liberate yourself from all that holds you back.

Uranus is currently traveling with the asteroid Eris, Goddess of Discord. Eris is disruptive. Eris exposes and pokes fun at the hubris we harbor.

A trine is a helpful, flowing aspect. The sun’s trine to Uranus and Eris reminds us, in no uncertain terms, that we are creators, liberators and activators. We are capable of great destruction, rebellion and revolution. But the question is, who’s revolution is this and how committed are we to liberation for all? 

The sun’s trine to Uranus and Eris on the heels of its conjunction with Saturn is another hint at a larger framework that is unfolding. Later this month Saturn will make its own trine to Uranus. This is an aspect that asks us to reinvent the structures of our life. To infuse the formations we get into with a liberating message. To not fear our freedom or the kind of personal growth that we must do in order to realize it. 

We are each responsible for our own liberation and we are responsible to each other to create a liberated and just society for all.

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

AriesAries & Aries Rising

Spin it on its head. Twist it around. Turn it inside out. Put it down. Flip it. Reverse it. Whatever has traditionally stumped you. Whatever you have historically been caught in. Whatever you have felt you always lose your power to.

It’s time to look at it differently.

It is now on your level. You are no longer at its whim. Not if you commit to understanding it, commit to working at dismantling it, commit to refusing to avert your eyes from it.

You now have the license and confidence necessary to engage with it. Creatively. With Trickster-like playfulness. With the foresight of someone who is not afraid to interrogate what oppresses it. With the kind of confidence that is given to us through deeply introspective, spiritual practice.   

Don’t be afraid to be challenged. Or to challenge. Not when your freedom is at stake.

No spiritual practice can be liberating if it isn’t also deeply challenging in its nature. To only listen to teachings that lull us to sleep isn’t spiritual in nature. Spiritual practice is meant to jolt us awake. Disrupting our lives. Interrupting our complacency. It is a call so loud that it stirs the same kind of howl within us. It engages us with the world. As it is. As imperfectly as it appears. As difficult as it can be to contend with.

This week’s astrology lets you know how well you have done in these areas. This week reveals your progress and what you have yet to accomplish. This week reveals the competency of your game plan and what you’ll need to develop for your future progress. Don’t be afraid of the work. Don’t be resistant to the changes. They are both for your overall benefit. They are both for your overall liberation. They are both for your growth. And they are good. 

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

Take a look at what you subconsciously invest in. Take a look at what you pay attention to. Take a tally of how many criticisms take root in your mind and how many compliments fall out your ears. What ideas do you share your psychological space with? What plays on repeat in the dark halls of your mind?

It’s time to find a way to divest your energy from the ideas that keep you numb. From the emotional barriers that keep you isolated. From the fears that keep you stagnant.

It’s time to invest your energy differently. It’s time to invest in what is solid. It’s time to invest in what has the potential to revolutionize your reality.

Take a look at the strength of your commitments. What have you learned over the past year about your partnerships? What do you need to keep working on in terms of your boundaries? What do you want to be able to build over the next year in this area of your life? What projects push you forward and which hold you back?

Find the collaborations that have surges of innovative energy. Find investments that have ever-unfolding returns. Find your self the kinds of matches that make you want to live up to their potential rather than pull you down to their level.

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

If it doesn’t work for you, Darling, it can’t work for them. If it doesn’t fit you, Sweetness, it can’t feel good to them. If it can’t hold you, Beautiful Being, it can’t keep them either.

This week’s astrology takes you to task on the relationship boundaries, commitments and containers that you have worked on over the past year. Which are working? Which need a refresher? Which did you wobble on? Which are too tight of a fit? Which helped you to release what no longer worked?

The next couple of months encourage you to keep seeing all the ways in which you can find freedom through committing to the most important relationships in your life. This is a time to feel free enough to admit what isn’t working and to be on board for what will. This is a time to give yourself the permission that only you can. This is a time to be as honest as you need to be about what you need. Because chances are, the more permission you give yourself, the greater the connections you’ll be able to experience. The more honest you are about your side of the story, the more room will be created in your relationship containers. The more you are willing to share, the more will be shared with you. Honestly. Lovingly. Freely.

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

Expansion requires both a commitment to consistency and an ability to reinvent what you are working with. This week’s astrology requires you to look at your relationship to both. How are you able to consistently deliver at work and give your body what it needs to be healthy? How are you able to infuse your work structures with the creative liberation they are calling for? How can you give yourself permission to get what you need no matter what you need to get done?

This week’s astrology also serves as a mid-way mark. What have you been able to put in place over the past year in your work life and schedule? What progress has been made there? What commitments have you been able to stick to? Which do you need to take more seriously? What would help you here? What can you try to do differently? What do you keep doing in the same way while expecting a different result?

Reserve your energy for what is most important. Try not to exceed your limits. But do break the rules that don’t help too keep you on track and motivated. Stay in your lane. But rock that runway like tomorrow isn’t coming. Keep on task. But don’t be afraid to Dom what you work on. Make sure your bishes know when to bow down.

Your work requires your care and devotion but also your command.

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

Anything worth creating is worth committing to. Everything worth birthing is worth the pain of its labor. Not all the things that you feel compelled to create will actually end up coming into form. But the process is priceless.

Because it teaches us about the nature of sticking with ourselves regardless of the outcome. The creative process exposes the costumes that our self-doubt dresses up in. It uncovers the ways in which we try to talk ourselves out of our own best efforts. It reveals our inner saboteur and its sneaky ways.

Engaging with the creative process requires that we have faith in our ability to find our way. It requires that we have faith that our art yearns for us as fiercely as we yearn for it. It requires that we have faith in the timing of its arrival. No matter the monsters in our mind. No matter the rejection of the world’s fickle taste makers. No matter the pedestals. No matter the pedestal knockers.

This week and these next months encourage you to free yourself from the addiction of approval. They want you to free yourself from your dependence on endorsements. They are encouraging you to free up the energy that you spend asking for permission so that you can give it to yourself and get on with the good work of creating.

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

What work have you done over the past year to secure a home base? What have you been able to lay down as your foundation? How has that been serving the rest of your life? What has it forced you to learn? About yourself? About commitment?

How sturdy are your floorboards? How free do you feel to build upon them? What kind of weight can they hold? What kind of weather will they survive?

Give your base what it needs. So it can survive the quakes and shakes that are sure to come. Be willing to reinvent your thoughts on family. Your needs of them might be shifting and that shift might help you to see the situation differently. You might have noticed that your family is ready to find new ways of being together. Give everyone extra space so that they feel free to explore these possibilities. You might notice that your home life is calling for a new look, feel or tempo. Experiment with your space. Let it tell you what it needs. You might be experiencing a shift in your family structure, one that requires that you to step into a role that you’ll need to grow into. Parents might need something different from you and you might not need what you used to from them.

There are certain roles that we can’t get out of. We have to play them out. We are someone’s child. We are someone’s family. We are someone’s hope. Someone’s point of envy. Someone’s misunderstanding. Someone’s wildest dream. The roles that we inhabit aren’t always negotiable. We can’t always get out of them. But how we inhabit them is entirely up to us.

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

How’s your day going? How’s it running? What does it need to be both productive and interesting? What do you need to adjust so that it’s more intellectually stimulating? What do you need to shift, infuse with more personal freedom or ask for so that you feel less like you are at the whim of your day and more like you are at the helm of the ship that sets sail each morning? 

It’s time to get creative about the ways in which you are living out your life. Day by day. Week by week. 

This week doles out consequences for us all. For you it’s directed at how you are able to plan your days, work with the 24hrs you have been given and clarify the messages that you wish to communicate with others. If your days and your communications aren’t infused with meaning and activities that feel aligned with your integrity and your purpose, you may end up feeling feel a little flat. If you’ve risen to the challenge of being a person of your word, in what ever way you can, you’ll most likely reap the rewards of your work.  

There is more on the way this week than just the checks and balances of what you have accomplished so far, however. This week also serves up inspirational answers. This week serves up insights via instrumental and innovative ideas. This week serves up a slice of liberation that is all the more effective when you commit to it. So do. 

Both little and large alterations to your daily schedule can become life altering for the better. Don’t be afraid to switch things up. 

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

This week reveals the results of the efforts that you have made to clear up your finances, to put your money where your mouth is and to diligently develop your resources. This week offers a review of what you accomplished as well as some tips and tricks to help further your progress in this area of life.

The numbers don’t lie. But they don’t tell the whole truth either. Our financial statements can only reveal one piece of the puzzle. So don’t look to them for all the solutions. Solutions are many-sided. Multi-layered. Multi-colored. Beyond the hard data you can find ways to outwit some aspect of the situation. That’s because as much as this week doles out the hard facts that we all need to face, it also offers a spirit of helpful rebellion. 

Don’t get stuck in self-pity. In doubt. In fear. Solutions don’t live there. 

Meditate on how you can break out of the box. What insights are visiting you about what your work needs? What changes are begging you to make them? What part of your work needs you to rework it? What do you need to take more responsibility for? Have you asked for what you deserve? Do you advocate for what you need? Are you showing up at work like someone serious about their success and the work it takes to win? 

This week lets you know what you have done well in this area and what you are still figuring out and making right. This week might be a little harsh on you, but you don’t have to be. Stay your most trusted self-support system. Your biggest cheerleader. Your #1 fan. It will feed your success more than any number, stat or spreadsheet. 

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Take all the work you have done on your self this year and stack it up.

Include all the no’s you learned to say. All you abstained from. All that you gave up. Went without. Struggled away from. Missed at first but stayed with the cravings instead of giving into them.

Include what was taken from you. What you no longer needed but couldn’t give away yourself. What no one and no god had the right to take. But they took it anyway. And you learned to live through the grief. Learned to find your life in the face of its losses. 

Include all you gave to yourself. All the yes’s. All the acceptance. All the permission. All the tools. The gratitude you found. The openings. The relief. The reunions. With yourself. With others.

Include the healing that has occurred. The sadness that escaped in the night. The mending that took place in its own right. The self-correcting that naturally happened because you kept putting yourself in the places that you needed to be.

Include what you’ve renovated. Innovated. Recalculated. Invented. Infused with the insight you have gained.

Step back and marvel at the monument you have made.

Take note of what you need to keep working on. What is waiting for your commitment? Scour the scene for any part of your life that feels underdeveloped. Take it under your wing. Sign it up for classes. Take it to practice. Tell it that you’ll do everything you can. Move mountains. Make space for the new self-expressions that want to emerge.

Break with the personal traditions that bind you to limited ideas about yourself, but reinvent the traditions that you need to keep. This is an extremely creative period you are entering. Do what you can to support its visions and follow its leads. 

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

More than most days, these next ones will reveal the importance of the inner work you have been doing. Or they will reveal the need to make a greater commitment to it.

More than most days, these next ones will reveal the importance of tuning the persistent noise of the world out so that you can tune into the abundant creative solutions your soul is yearning to infuse your life with.

More than most days, these next ones will reveal the secret sources of help open to you.

More than most days, these next ones ask you to value your inner successes as much as your outer successes. Equally. These next days show you the real consequences of self-care and the too real consequences of being slack about self-love.

More than most, these next days will illuminate the nuances. The grey areas. The feelings in-between the feelings. The hard to see aspects of self. The hard to swallow truths about your personality. Keep granting yourself permission to discover what that all means without jumping to any conclusions that it means something about who you are and what you are capable of. Self-exploration requires a thick skin and a kind and patient temperament.     

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

The party is wherever you’re at. With Venus and Mars in your sign there is plenty of action to partake in and plenty of people to connect to, love up and let know how much they matter to you.

These weeks could feel especially potent. Especially poignant. Especially important. Like you’ve got an extra battery pack to draw from. Like you’ve got a little more clarity about your next steps forward. Like you’ve got no time to waste so why not get to getting things done?

This week’s party isn’t all fun and games though. It’s got consequences. It’s got a relationship lesson up its sleeve. It’s got a list and its taking attendance so you’ll need to be in it to win it. Not dealing with it won’t make it go away. Not taking it seriously won’t lesson its importance.

This week serves up a social event, an interaction with a friend, a community situation or group of people you are involved with that requires you to do some serious sorting. In this kind of astrological weather, friendships have a way of revealing themselves, defining themselves and declaring themselves for what they are. All you need to do is listen and trust that what you are being shown is what you need to see.

The other way this week could play out is that something about your hopes and dreams gets a reality check. But better to know what it is you are working with than working on something in vain. The good news is that the gravity of the week’s lessons is balanced by the lightness of an equally important innovation or inspiration for you to incorporate. 

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

A career duty calls on you this week. It’s nothing new but if you have avoided its urgency in the past, this call will be delivered in a less-than-sweet tone. This is no time to shirk the responsibilities of your life’s work. But this might be a time that could feel like a temporarily cosmic boss looming over your shoulder. Try to shake off the doubts that give you a hard time because being too married to them won’t help you.

There are more creative ways to wrestle these beasts than feeling bad about how you haven’t.

This week also acts like a review in regards to what you have been able to accomplish in this area of your life. What part of your career have you been able to commit to? What has worked? What needs reworking? What has failed? What can you learn from those attempts?

Try looking at the new ways that support wants to come to you through your work life. Look at ways to innovate your income streams. Look at the people that you know that do this well and study what they have to teach you. Then implement what you like best about it. Then watch for the results. Then work from there.


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