Full Moon in Gemini: Horoscopes for the Week of December 12th


December 11, 2016

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Collage by Chani, Original photo by  Martin H. Miller, 1937

Collage by Chani, Original photo by Martin H. Miller, 1937



Arriving on Tuesday, December 13th at 4:05 PM PT, the full moon in Gemini, the third super moon in a row, is the only astrological event of the week.

In true Gemini style, this full moon is multifaceted in its lessons. The full moon will be in direct opposition to the Lord of Bummers (Saturn), in a close sextile with the rambunctious, disruptive duo (Uranus and Eris), and in a grand air trine with the Warrior (Mars) and Lord of Plenty (Jupiter).

If Saturn wasn’t in the picture, this full moon would be all wild energy, unpredictable activity, and radical enthusiasm. While Saturn can be a major buzz kill, it can also bring the gravity needed when energy gets too whipped up and strewn about, as it can with air signs.

This full moon will bring with it consequences via Saturn’s influence, but it will also encourage us to see through the lens of innovation via the sextile to Uranus. Now is the time to invest in understanding the complex reality of our situation and to double down on creative responses to it. Now is the time to reinvent or completely renounce the institutions that do not have our freedom and well-being in mind. Now is the time for greater engagement from each and every one of us.

While the full moon is the only astrological event of the week, more is brewing. Now an evening star, Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on December 19th at 2:55 AM PT. Here it will journey into the underworld, slipping out of sight, until it makes its reappearance as a morning star, and stations direct on January 8th.

Mercury is the ruler of this full moon. It’s upcoming retrograde starts out particularly intensely, due to its near-conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn reveals the impact and intricacies of structural greed. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction as Mercury stations retrograde asks us to rethink the ways in which we utilize our resources in a particular area of our chart. It asks us to purge on a major level. It asks us to release trying to control what we cannot.

Mercury stations retrograde on an important day for America. December 19th is the day on which the Electoral College hands in its vote for or against the president-elect. I’m not banking on a Mercury retrograde to swing things one way or another but it is interesting timing. 

The rest of Mercury’s retrograde journey is relatively smooth, as far as retrogrades go. It will sextile Venus, Mars and Neptune, mildly helpful aspects that help us to gain insights relative to the area of our chart that Mercury will reroute through. More on that in next week’s scopes.

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

AriesAries & Aries Rising

Aries, even though you don’t naturally possess much of an ability to chill, Tuesday’s full moon might force you to. Things might get stalled. The events of your day to day life might get rerouted. The conversations that you have at work or about your career might become loaded with important information to take home and unpack.

Your current astrology points to the importance of patience. Patience helps us to build a deeper relationship with the moment. Patience helps us to open up to the feelings that we fear. Patience helps us with the overwhelm that comes when we are faced with our powerlessness. Patience and a deep and unwavering commitment to listening can liberate us from the tyranny of being controlled by what we misunderstand.

Have patience. At work. In your communications. With others. With yourself.

Listen. Before you speak. To what folks are telling you. To yourself while you are speaking. To your intuition. To the little signs and signals that your day provides.

Patience with yourself is required because there are monumental shifts occurring in your relationship structures and what you desire from them. You are growing and that is being mirrored in your partnership needs. And that is good. Allowing yourself to outgrow what you have known is a shift that requires your keen observation and dedication to push through the most stubborn of personal patterns. And that is good.

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Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

Tuesday’s full moon illuminates the money matters that are most pressing and precious. Pressing because the full moon waits for no one. Precious because the lessons that you can learn about working with your resources right now are priceless.

Ask for what you need.

If you are in a financial crunch, try reaching out to folks for advice. Assistance. Trade. Options. Strategies. Ways forward. Listen and learn from those that have been in your situation and found some way to work through it. Capitalism capitalizes on the fact that we will most likely feel unworthy in the face of financial struggles and therefore take whatever is offered us. While we may have to do this, it’s also important that we find creative routes around the problem when and where we can. We can do this through being in community and in connection with one another.

It’s important that we see past what is presented to us. It’s necessary that we cultivate the kind of imaginations that are tough as steel, impervious to the penetrating propaganda we live under and amongst. It’s essential that we envision the world that we want to flourish in and do all we can to help it come about.

If the full moon brings you financial options, bonuses, opportunities or advances, make sure that you get the full 411 on the details. Is something extra expected of you and, if so, are you up for the responsibility? Are you finally getting financially rewarded for all of the labor, emotional, spiritual and intellectual and otherwise, that you are contributing? If so, celebrate these accomplishments by enjoying what you have built and being available to help others do the same.

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Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

Take all the obstacles that you have overcome this year and hang them on the wall. Take them in. Bask in their momentousness. Revel in the beauty of their art. Feel the sense of accomplishment from having overcome so much. Feel the increasing courage welling up in you to overcome even more.

Notice the walls around your heart. The ones you found a way to climb over. The ones you took down, one brick at a time. The ones you blew through all together. Who helped you do this? Who has helped you develop a deeper relationship with yourself? Who has taught you about the magic inherent in being clear about your intentions? Who has been your sacred test? What relationship lessons have you graduated from?

Tuesday’s full moon pulls focus on all the ways in which your have been able to pull yourself together. Mold yourself into a partner you can be proud to be. It helps to clarify the relationship obstacles that you have been successful at overcoming and the obstacles that still arise.

Tuesday’s full moon pulls focus on you, period. Notice what gets illuminated. Notice what gives you pause. Notice what feelings get pulled out for you to witness. Notice what you have completed and what you are just beginning. This full moon highlights both the necessary endings (most likely in relationships) and the burgeoning beginnings (most likely with yourself and those that can love you like you need) that are in sight.

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Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

Tuesday’s full moon might feel like a cue from the Universe to take a moment. It might be sending you hints to take a break. It will demand that you deal with the consequences if you don’t give yourself what you need right now.

Tuesday’s full moon might want you to reinvent your relationship to your inner life. It might ask you to make contact with the parts of yourself that you usually push aside. It might bring a sorrow to sit with. Even if it is subtle, nuanced, barely there. Sorrows are important to note. They make wonderful interviewees. They come bearing gifts. Gifts that you can only receive if you unpack and process the information that they contain.

Befriend whatever comes through. Sadness or sweetness. Or both. Allow yourself that much. Allow your lived experience that kind of respect. Allow yourself a moment to explore what you are usually too busy to.

Tuesday’s full moon might bring you something much more practical. It might have you looking at a now all too familiar work/health energy exchange. Where are you burning out? What are you able to commit to? What takes to much from you? What can you look at differently? Try to imagine yourself as a co-creator of your work. It’s you and the Universe, ultimately. Don’t be afraid to imagine that the rules don’t apply to you. If you could do anything, if you could liberate yourself from a tradition in your field, if you could reimagine your place in it, what would that look like? This is your time to think way, way, way outside the box.

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

Tuesday’s full moon in Gemini lights up your 11th house of friends, groups, allies, hopes, dreams and visions for the future. The super moon reminds you of the importance of finding time to gather with friends. It can remind you of the importance of reaching out to the folks that help you keep hope afloat. And the folks that might need that help from you. The people in your circles might be struggling right now. They might need a little extra tenderness from you.

Give it when you can.

If this world is short on anything at the moment, it’s a dedication to being more tender with ourselves and each other. Tuesday’s full moon illuminates the quality of your community. It makes obvious what your people need now, from you and from each other. This full moon might be asking that you pause patiently when interacting with others. It may ask you to see more than what folks present. It might ask you to scratch the surface of someone’s personality so that you can be cognizant of the pain that might be driving their behavior.

Tuesday’s full moon asks that you get involved. Give the time that you can. Lend the help that you have. Offer the advice that has been helpful for you. It asks you to be the friend that your folks need you to be and it asks you to be the same to yourself.

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

Tuesday’s full moon pulls focus on your career aspirations. It has you shining in all that you do. It amps up the efforts that you have made. It clarifies the choices that you have had to commit to, especially as they relate to the balance between your family or home duties and your aspirations for your work in the world. You might have had to restrict, re-work or reformulate your career path in recent months. Duties in your domestic life may have forced you to do so. A new commitment may have repositioned your priorities. A home renovation or real-estate project might still be in the works.

Whatever the composition, this full moon highlights the goals and the opportunities that you have been working with and developing. It gives clues as to how to keep creating within the container that you are existing in. It asks you to respect the terms and contracts that you have with those you are dedicated to. It asks you to keep expanding your talents and resources. It asks you to keep finding the courage necessary to keep offering your innovative, even if explosive, ideas to the scene that is yours to shake up.

This full moon articulates what it is to have both inner and outer life in balance. What it takes. What it asks for. What it needs from you. What it is to go out in the world with courage and conviction knowing that you have comfort and kindness to come home to.

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

Tuesday’s full moon pulls focus on your big dreams. What is your vision for the foreseeable future? What do you hope will come about? Which of those hopes have you been showing up for? Working hard for? Breaking a sweat for?

This full moon comes bearing proof. Proof of your efforts. Proof of your commitments. Proof of your ability to use your time wisely Proof of your ability to construct sacred spaces out of the 24 hours that you are given each day. Proof of what is possible when you refuse to waste time worrying about your journey and instead spend it training yourself for the long-road ahead.

For those of you that are playing the field, Tuesday’s full moon makes evident which Netflix and chill situations have long-term capacities and which are just here to help you to remember the importance of having fun. But whether you are tethered to another or not, this week’s astrology reminds you that in order to accomplish long-term goals they have to be interesting enough to keep your attention. This week urges you to keep your creative juices flowing. Commit to the fun as well as the work. There is definitely room in your day for both.

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

Some fears are worth rethinking. Some fears are worth re-contextualizing. Some fears aren’t worth the time they take up. Tuesday’s full moon asks you to re-think the way you work with your fears. It asks you to re-imagine your relationship with the ones that aren’t actually worth the energy you put into them. Tuesday’s super moon is saying that you are stronger than you might give yourself credit for.

Give yourself credit.

And a cushion of tenderness to fall back on. Balance being badass with being beautifully sensitive and in need of protection. Balance the efforts that you put into your shared resources with the efforts you put into developing your own assets. Balance the relationship between committing to your financial responsibilities and being open to possible partnerships that are good for all involved.

Tuesday’s super moon could swing a financial situation in your favor. It could reveal a secret source of wealth. Be that a financial gain or a spiritual one, it’s a gain that will help you to feel more emboldened to do what you need to. Because your ruling planet, Mars, is getting you to give all you’ve got at work. With the gusto of many a warrior, your accomplishments right now put you in the running for MVP. Take the pit-stops you need, stay hydrated and make room for a trophy or two on your shelf. Fear’s got nothing on you when you are focused on a task.

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Ask. Ask your folks how they love to be loved. Ask them what they like. Ask them what they want. Ask them what they need from you now.

Ask yourself how you love to be loved. Ask what you like. Ask what you want. Ask what you need now. Ask yourself what relationships are working and why.

Don’t take any part of the process for granted. Stay curious.

Your current relationship dynamics are invaluable. Tuesday’s full moon says so. Your relationships contain within them the recipe for your interdependent freedom. They are trying to teach you how to stay open to the intricacies of your heart while dealing with the consequences of interacting with other humans. They are letting you know what it means to learn while you love. So don’t be afraid to get it wrong. But do be afraid of not being able to talk about it if you do.

How we handle each other’s hearts is a profoundly delicate business. It requires humility and tenderness. Firm love and fierce efforts. Reminders and updates.

Your people might be in need of a little extra love and tenderness. They might be under extra pressure. They might need better boundaries. Keep yours in tact. They might be a little more out of reach than usual. Be curious about how that effects you. What do you do with what comes up in your important unions?

This could also be a time when some relationships reveal their limitations. Take note of who can handle what and who can’t. With great kindness for yourself and others, move towards the ones that challenge you to be better while loving you as you are.

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

Tuesday’s full moon sheds light on how you are keeping up with your duties, obligations and chores. It points to the obvious connection between your stress levels and your well-being. It points out the unwavering deadlines that must be dealt with.

Keep yourself healthy. Put your well-being first.

In general, this has been an astrological time that has asked you to be a little more internal. One that has asked you to deal with the endings, losses and inevitable closures that life demands we acknowledge and accept. It has asked you to be patient and work with what is, as it is. Unfinished. Undone. Imperfect.

The full moon pulls focus on the practical. It asks you to stay on task. Asks you to acknowledge the needs of the body. Asks you to show up early and over prepared.

What important projects are coming to a close? Which parts of your working life have hit a limit in terms of what you can do? What needs to be liberated from its current condition, form or function? What projects need to be put to rest, given up on or let go of? Which can be reinvented? Which are becoming invigorated with new hope? Which of your ideas are being brought to fruition, recognized or green-lit? Follow the flow of energy. Trust that what leaves is leaving more space for something better to come. Trust that what stays is your to build upon.

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

Tuesday’s full moon fills you with energy. And the consequences that come with what you do with it. You might feel maxed out at the moment. Like there are too many creative projects to work on but not enough time to get to them. You could feel the emotional pressure that has built up in your love relationships. There could be a pressing issue that you have to deal with regarding a child in your life. You might need a moment to pause and reorient yourself with what feeds you creatively. What are you realizing about the need to balance social obligations with your personal creative projects? Have you given all you have to give for the moment? Do you need to refill?

Being adaptable while maintaining your integrity is a key theme for the unpredictable times we live in. This full moon highlights the loss that we may collectively feel and also the need to find a way forward. Through communicating. Through sharing best strategies. Through creating new channels of partnership, co-operation and relationship. Through taking the best parts of what has worked in the past and reinventing it for this current moment. This full moon can fill you with the kind of confidence you need to strategically and methodically implement your best out-of-the-box ideas. 

This moon reminds you of the power of your self expression. How necessary it is. How it opens up pathways to partnerships. How it is a life line for yourself and others around you. This full moon highlights just how important it can be to use your self-expression to move through the feelings and the challenges that the moment brings.

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

Tuesday’s full moon highlights your home and your inner life. It pulls focus on the fact that some family members might need to sit down and decompress. It reveals the importance of your connection to your home life.

Staying close to what grounds you is good medicine right now. 

Since some of your energy sources are temporarily hibernating, now is the time to gather the intelligence that resides in your inner life. This full moon makes clear the importance of the sources of your inspiration. It highlights the private things that need your attention. It asks you to balance the aspirations that you have for your career with the desire you might have to pull inward for a moment.

Whatever is occurring on an internal level, in your home and/or with family members is temporary, but important. Look to see the ways in which you have been able to build in the last six months. Look to see the ways in which you have been able to work on family issues, build trust with those you live with and make commitments to firm containers and boundaries that work for everyone involved. Don’t be timid about redefining what needs it. Your home and family life is an ongoing relationship. One that needs attention, reimagining, innovative strategies, and constant work and commitment.


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