Water is Life: Notes on Scorpio Season


November 5, 2016


Lunar Love


Scorpio season doesn’t lie. It doesn’t play. It doesn’t care if you’re, prepared, willing or ready. It doesn’t worry about hurting your feelings. 

Its waters contain all aspects of life.

Scorpio season reveals the real. The guts. The horror. The aspects of self and society that dwell in the shadows. The courage it takes to see them.

Scorpio season reveals the true cost of life. A debt that we can only pay with our own. Life is not a free ride. Life must be used to protect what is life-giving.

Scorpio season reveals the beauty of being willing to die a little everyday. Not just with age, but with ego. We can’t keep up a pristine image of ourselves and grow. We have to be willing to break the molds we are poured into, risk being raw, unkept and unafraid of the truth if we want anything like liberation.

Personally and collectively.

We can’t deny the abuse that befell us or the abuses we are responsible for. Not if we want to experience any kind of healing, any kind of spiritual liberation. We can’t deny our histories, legacies or roots if we want to move forward in a good way. We can’t pretend that the cost of building a nation on stolen land, with stolen labor, isn’t a spiritual debt, a debt that is woven into the fabric of these lands, a debt that needs to be reckoned with. That needs to be paid.

We are not debt-free.

Life requires that we let go of our ideas about ourselves in order to discover who we really are. As individuals. As a collective. As a nation and a world. We can be more than what is shown to us. We can be more than what we’ve been. We can be kind. To ourselves, to each other, to our earth and every living being on it.

But not by wishing it so. We have to meet our demons with brutal honesty; otherwise they will get the best of us. Otherwise, we rob ourselves of the chance of a transformative spiritual awakening.

We have that chance now and always. By looking at the horror of our histories. By reckoning with how we feel about them. By being honest about what is being done in our name, with our tax dollars, to our earth and to our brothers and sisters on it.

At every turn, at every moment of the day, we are granted the opportunity to wake up, to become more humane, to open our hearts in understanding of the multiple and complex histories we are living, re-living and perpetuating.

Every moment has the potential for great magic.

Our ability to reckon with what is, is magic-making. Brutal honesty is the medicine that will heal us. Breaking the spells of settler colonialism, and all the other isms that stem from it, will set us on the road to a cure for this world’s greatest illnesses.

Corruption unchecked breeds apathy. Resistance to evil breeds resilience.

If there is a sign that knows resilience, it is Scorpio.

May Scorpio season bring us face to face with the truth and may we allow those truths to uncover the remarkable strength that is within us to move towards what is life affirming so that we can make right what is wrong.

We owe ourselves, each other, and the generations to come that much.


Chani xo


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