Supermoon in Taurus: Horoscopes for the Week of November 14th


November 14, 2016





Monday, November 14th

5:52 AM PTFull moon at 22° of Taurus

Tuesday, November 15th

9:23 AM PT – Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Aquarius, both at 4°

Friday, November 18th

8:04 AM PT – Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, both at 9°

Saturday, November 19th

3:04 PM PT – Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, both at 9°

8:39 PM PT – Neptune stations direct at 9° of Pisces

The potential of any astrological pattern is only fully understood by living our way through it. As astrologers, we look at the patterns that are the most persistent and try to give some helpful tips about how to both maximize the potential of the moment and do what we can to shield ourselves from the storms.

I am not the only astrologer that looked at the persistent patterns of 2016 with major side-eye. And a little (a lot of) trepidation. And I don’t think that I am alone when I say, I didn’t think we’d end up here. Now everything we look at, astrologically and otherwise, is looked at from this place. This place of deep uncertainty. This place of deep clarity and commitment to doing everything possible to protect the most vulnerable among us.

I will go into greater detail about the over-arching patterns of this year in a future post so that we might, through hindsight, gain some insight.

As for now, we must find ways, both personally and collectively, to move forward. In mourning. In solidarity. Because neither the stars nor life will wait for us. 

This week begins with a supermoon in Taurus. It is going to be a spectacular sight, the brightest that we’ve seen in 68 years and one that we won’t see again until 2034. Full within two hours of perigree (the point at which the moon is closest to the earth), this moon will be extraordinarily brilliant.

A moon so close to the earth has a great emotional impact on us. Illuminating what we most need to see. In the super stable sign of Taurus, this moon will hopefully reveal what we have built that is stable and sound. The world will go through a million ups and downs, some more severe than others, but we must find within ourselves what is solid, sturdy and immoveable.

Taurus is here to teach us about fertility, fecundity, productive growth and the goodness of the natural world. Physical pleasures. Sensual sweetness. The satisfaction of having put the time and work into something and watching it grow. May we look for the evidence of all of that in our personal lives. May all of the collective work we have done stand as a monumental testament to what we will continue to do, come what may.

Six months ago, there was a new moon in Taurus. At that point we planted seeds. We claimed our intentions. We made clear our desires for growth and healing in a certain part of our lives. This full moon is the proof of the work that we have put in, the proof of what we have been able to steadily build over the last 6 months. Its magnificent light is sure to exaggerate our efforts and their outcomes. If you’ve put in a solid effort you can expect substantial rewards.

On Saturday, November 19th, Neptune will station direct at 9° of Pisces. Neptune is currently conjunct the south node of the moon. The south node is a moveable point in space that signifies where and when eclipses occur. It is often associated with release, letting go and the powers of the unconscious. Neptune is a planet that dwells in the language of the symbolic, the impressionistic and can evoke powerful yearnings for oneness which sometimes lead us to escapism.

Sometimes we all need to escape a little.

Right now though, let’s find less harmful ways of escaping. Those that struggle with addiction, those that struggle with recovery, those that are trying to find a way to be in relationship with substances that alter consciousness might be tempted to use intoxicants in ways that go against  their best interest. Stay safe. Stay close to what heals you. Take good care of yourselves.

Neptune stationing direct on the south node speaks to purging the deceiving dreams that transfix us, coming to terms with the illusions that derail our real-time progress and making peace with what we have lost.

Currently, Neptune is in the most fluid of water signs, Pisces. This combination highlights all issues related to water and our relationship to both the emotional waters of our inner life and the water that we need in order to survive on this planet. Water is life and our lives and the lives of all living things on this planet depend on our ability to defend the sacred sources of it.

May the grounded fullness of the Taurus moon and the forward motion of Neptune encourage us to focus on making real the dream of living in accordance with all of nature. Including each other.

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

AriesAries & Aries Rising

Monday’s full moon sheds light on your most pressing financial matters. It might urge you to make a decision about how you are spending your energy. It might reveal an aspect of the gifts that you have been given to work with. It might solidify your understanding of what is possible when you spend time developing your talents and making them publicly known.

What resource have you learned to use recently? What talent have you been developing over the past 6 months? What are you willing to share with us through your work that you have not yet been able to? What practical progress have you made in your work? Can you validate that progress and use it as a jumping off point for further development and growth? To celebrate this full moon, give to the causes that give you strength. Feel the power that you posses by simply acknowledging with your resources the good, positive and deeply important work that is being done in the world.

As Neptune stations direct, this week will also encourage you to release a self-sabotaging behavior. It will help you to parse out the delusions that keep you roaming around the same issue, tricking you into thinking that you are making progress when all you are really making is circles in the sand. Neptune station direct can help you to cut ties with what keeps you energetically, psychically and spiritually connected to all that ails you.

Pay attention to what drains your life force. Notice the excuses that you make on its behalf. Notice any fear around letting go of what you know you need to. Notice how much lighter you feel once you do. In order for us to find our way forward in the coming weeks and months, we will all have to personally up our self-care game so that we can be of service to the collective one.

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

An extra potent supermoon in your sign is no small matter. It highlights all the work that you have done on yourself. It makes real the efforts that you have made. It makes obvious what is most important for you to continue on with and what isn’t.

This past week has left many of us at a loss. This is a time to recalibrate. To see our role in the world in a new way. This week encourages you specifically to let some hopes and dreams go. The ones that you have outgrown. The ones that you have, if you are honest, lost interest in. The ones that, given our current situation, are no longer applicable. The ones that you no longer have the space for if more honest growth is to take place. A new vision for your future is occurring.

Have faith in the ways in which you are blossoming. Work on relaxing into your skin when you can. Find the ease that is in your life and build from that place. Take whatever recognition you are receiving in. Let it stir feelings of vulnerability. Let it disarm you. Let it seep into your defended places. Let it bolster you. Let it linger in the air like a good song. Like the scent of a lover. Like the sound of laughter. Don’t rush it. Don’t speed through it. Don’t brush it off.

Let it land and let the sound of its landing resound throughout your life. We need as many bolstered souls, as many lighthouses, and as many grounded folks as possible. Now more than ever.   

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

Settle in. Hunker down. Pull back a little if you need to. A lot has taken place. A lot more will. We all need to pace ourselves. Monday’s full moon is hiding out in the back rooms of your psyche and is extending an invitation for you to join it. It’s a slower kind of start to the week. One that might have you hanging out in bed and slamming the snooze button more times than you usually do.

Don’t worry about it.

Give in to the need to rest, recuperate and renew your energy. Notice if downtime scares you. Notice if you get hooked on the buzz of stress. Notice what it’s like to unplug for a moment. What does a momentary timeout give you the chance to witness?

Your more important relationships might need to find their way through some foggy territory this week. Let the truths sort themselves out from the distortions. Let the projections that you place on others be reclaimed. Let yourself sit with what feels confusing until it becomes clear.

With Neptune’s station direct, this week promises to shed light on what dreams you’ve been able to realize in your career and which you know you need to move away from. It’s natural to want to accomplish different things at different times. It’s important to give ourselves permission to outgrow the ideas that we have about who we want to become in the world. It’s imperative that we allow our work to change with the changing needs of the world.

We are allowed to replace outdated or ill-conceived ideas of our place in the world with what resonates deeply with what our soul and the soul of the world call for now.

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

We are all called to be activists. Acting on behalf of what we feel are the most important of issues to highlight.

We are all influential. Each one of us impacts the days we live through. What that impact is, is up to us.

We all have access to platforms that have immense potential to build communities that support our vision of what the world could be. Whomever supports us, whomever encourages us, whomever bands together with us, becomes a part of that dream.

Monday’s full moon reveals the state of your dream team. It highlights the importance of community and the much needed relief that friendship brings. It reveals the tangible rewards that you can reap from the efforts that you have put in. The efforts that you have made towards building alliances with others. It pulls focus on the ways in which you are supported by your patrons, fairy goddess mothers and all those helpful folks that you know and do not know about.

This moon links you to the people that help you the most. It’s a gift to have such support. It’s a boon to have a bridge of solidarity. It’s a blessing to be known. It’s pure bounty to know where you are needed, where you are acknowledged for your gifts and where you are inspired by the gifts of others.

Share yourself. Be less afraid to transgress the boundaries that you have created in your mind between you and the rest of the world. With Neptune stationing direct you are more apt to open yourself up to a new way of seeing the world. Both as it is and as it could be.

Your are more tuned into the psychic side of your knowledge system thanks to Neptune’s station. Stay receptive to the messages that come and feel free to follow them. In times of great fear we must be ever more dedicated to developing our intuition, our psychic abilities and our connection to what is greater and more intelligent than us. That is a power no one and no thing, can take from us.

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

Full moons enhance, magnify and make more fuss over a certain area of our life. They reveal our successes and failures. They highlight what we need to keep and what we need to release. They allow us to see how our efforts are helping or hindering our agenda. Each month we can harness their energy, capitalize on the momentum and move our lives forward.

Monday’s full moon impacts your career. It wants to help you make an impression there. It wants to bring you some recognition. It wants you to step up your game in all that you do in the world. Something we all need to do now. Something that you can lead the way in.

You can use the full moon’s effect to your advantage by spending the week putting out excellent work, showing up to your soul’s calling like a rock solid source of reliability and by appreciating the steps forward that you have made.

Neptune’s station direct wants to help you to sort out fantasy from reality in terms of your shared resources and financial life. Knowing what is an impracticality will help you to focus on the joint ventures that are best suited to you. Your resources need to be understood in real-time. Your resources need to be worked with in order for them to work for you. Your resources are everything from your coinage to your courage. Understand the emotional issues that get in the way of making the best financial decisions for yourself. The more you address them, this week and in the future, the cleaner you can merge your assets and create sustainable, long-term, workable wealth.

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

Monday’s full moon calls you out onto the dance floor of life. It wants you to engage with it. To move out into it. To take a chance on it. Venturing out past the limits you live comfortably within.

Got for it.

The further we permit ourselves to travel into life’s great lessons, the greater our understanding of our capacity to deal with everything that gets thrown at us. The greater confidence we develop in our ability to figure it out along the way. The greater understanding we have of how to handle the unknown, instead of living in fear of it.

But we have to take the chance on ourselves. We have to step off the well worn path of our lives thus far. We have to strike out and make our way through the new land we find ourselves in.

Monday’s full moon also highlights your studies, your travels and your big-plans for the future. What have you been building up to? What are you granting yourself the freedom to do now? What foresight have you gained that gives you confidence in your path forward?

All of these advancements will help you to heal certain issues in your most important relationships. There is something tender, something soft, something vulnerable occurring in the part of your chart that connects you to others. Perhaps it’s your ability to reckon with the reality of a relationship instead of being caught up in the fantasy of it. Perhaps it’s a desire to let old wounds rest. Perhaps it’s a greater understanding of the spiritual nature of each of your very human connections. Knowing what you are learning in the big picture, through your partners, helps you to work out what goes on in the minutia of the day to day. 

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

Monday’s full moon points out which collaborations make good working sense and which need to be reconfigured or let go of completely. For many of you this moon will bring a financial boon, something that comes to you through the grace of another. This might be good news on a grant, the clearing of a debt or the financial backing that you have been wanting.

Make sure that you don’t idealize anyone that offers you help. A collaboration is only as good as both parties’ ability to make it work. Step up your game in regards to certain collaborations if you need to, but don’t put your value below another’s. Monday’s new moon highlights the places where you have been able to build successfully with others, or with their help. Look to see what you have been able to create because of your skills of co-operation.

Right now, it’s of extra importance that you be real about your work. Right now, it’s all kinds of important that you are able to navigate agreements with a level head and even-keeled expectations. Right now, what takes precedence is your ability to sort out the truth from the lies in terms of what you can get done in a work day and what projects need to be looked at through a more realistic lens. Right now, it’s imperative that you listen to what your work yearns for. What you need, on a spiritual level, from your daily life, work and routines.

Invest in your soul’s calling. It will always give you the greatest returns.

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

Monday’s full moon wants to help you make magic in your most important relationships. Its effects are stabilizing, generative and sensually astute. Send your love(s) their favorite flower, treat or sweet. We all need a little extra love right now. We all need to know that we are capable of giving it too. Entice the best out of your partners by affirming your feelings of affection for them. Build bridges to the hearts you want to reach.

Monday’s full moon as well as the rest of the week’s astrology help you to see the real love deals and the not so solid relationship situations. The week reveals what you most need to know about the state of your (love) affairs. Though at times possibly a little overwhelming, the information retrieved right now is golden. With the most pressing relationship issues up close, unmistakable and relentless in their personal tone, you will be able to see what you usually bypass. Whomever is closest to you is bound to be under a light that exaggerates their effect on you. 

The same goes for the creative projects that you are working on, especially if they are collaborations. You might be experiencing a heightened sensitivity, a newfound ability to channel creative works or be able to tap into an source of inspiration that helps you to move beyond the doubts that normally keep you from it. Remind yourself that art is a necessity. A pillar of any progressive society. We must always keep the art in our hearts alive.

Let yourself be swept away with creative insights, but keep your heart grounded in the work it takes to relate.

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Monday’s full moon points to the fullness of your work life. What have you been able to build, make real and make the most of in this area of your life over the past 6 months? What seeds did you plant in the spring that have now grown themselves into a healthy, flowering example of what your consistent effort and diligence can produce? What part of your work is stabilizing and is now able to support your further development?

You have been able to solidify something here. See it as a stepping stone. See it as a place that you can build from. See it as a way to tap into the power of dedicating your days to manifesting your dreams a little bit at a time. The world needs as many success stories as possible. We all need to remind each other of the power of our efforts when we are dedicated to them.

There could very well be financial rewards that come with these accomplishments. Reinvest them into your health. Reinvest them into whatever helps your days run smoothly. Reinvest them in the things that help your body be happy day in and day out.

Give yourself what you didn’t get when you were young.

For better and for worse our childhoods invariably leave us with some sense of loss, some trauma, some core issues to work out. Some of us have more of these than others. Whatever your story, whatever you have lived through and live with, Neptune’s station direct will ask you to give some of that pain back to the rivers, streams and bigger bodies of water. Let the old hurts be washed with healthy tears and emotional healing. See the ways in which some hurts have faded and some are now more intimately understood and ready to be dealt with.    

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

There is great inspiration to be found in your daily rituals right now. There are many ways in which you can use the energy of this week to make connections with others that have great meaning. There are also ways in which you might witness the vulnerability, the compassion and the commonality that you have with those around you. Use the unity you experience as a source of inspiration.

No one person can be the sole source of all we need. No one person is going to make everything better for us. No one can care for us like we can. As we learn to be better care-takers of ourselves, our relationships become places of greater growth and deeper connection.

Monday’s full moon highlights the creativity required to find your way around the most challenging of life’s test. It illuminates the creative projects that you have been able to see to completion. It highlights the immense importance of engaging with your creativity as a way of engaging with your self-determination. It begs you to take a moment out of your shifting schedule to enjoy life as it is. It reminds you that pleasure need not cost anything except the time you spend cultivating it. And that pleasure, especially in times of despair, is essential to our ability to persevere. Grow your happiness where you can. Grow your love for all you can. Grow yourself through what helps you celebrate your unique, creative, soulful spirit.

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

In times of great uncertainty and upheaval, we must find the places where we feel safe. To gather ourselves. To call our energy back. To recalibrate and recuperate the energy that traumatic events drain from us. Monday’s full moon helps you do just that. It gives you a sense of what is working at your base. It wants to help you feel more grounded in yourself. Firm in your stance. Solid in your stroll. Monday’s full moon finds a way to help you sort through the issues with those you live with or are related to by finding the most practical solutions available. Monday’s full moon reveals the immense fertility of your inner life.

What you build internally is the structure from which you build everything else.

Focus on giving yourself what you need to feel comfortable here. Know what you need from a home. Know what you need when dealing with family issues. Know what you need to feel held by the foundation of your life.

Give yourself more of that.

This week points the progress that you’ve made with your inner life, but also reveals the power of your imagination to finesse financial situations. It asks you to work out what is fiction and what is fact. And what impacts your ability to access your resources and make the most of them. Thinking that we deserve special treatment or access to fortunes without doing the work is an addiction to illusion. This week asks you to see how you can make your dreams real. It’s time to awaken to the potential of your gifts by getting honest with what they need and then learning how to give them just that.

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

One of the most powerful tools for liberation that we posses is our imagination. If we can dream it, we can become it. The stronger our powers of visualization, the greater the permission we give ourselves to grow towards our ideals. The more specifically tailored our vision is, the more easily we can attract those that share it with us.

But we must be willing to reconstruct these visions as we outgrow aspects of them. And as the world shifts and asks something different of us. We must be willing to reckon with the losses that life’s blows deal us and find a way to move on in honor of what life is now asking of us. As Neptune stations direct this week, you will have the opportunity to see what your most important manifestations of your personal gifts could be. At this point. In this situation. At this time in our history.

One of your greatest gifts will always be your ability to connect with others through your compassion, your sensitivity and your ability to spark the creative visualizations that inspire others to rise to their potential.

This week the full moon is helping you to see how you can effectively and practically connect with others. It is helping you to see the ways in which you can live out your dream in your day-to-day real life. It is giving you the opportunity to spread the messages most meaningful to you and the messages most meaningful at this particular moment in time. 



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