Awakening to Our Potential: Monday’s Super Moon in Taurus


November 12, 2016


Lunar Love

Collage by Chani

Collage by Chani


We must be grounded. Rooted. Stable and unwavering. Our root systems connected. Interdependent. Linked up. Locking it down.

Together, we must be a forest. A place that supplies oxygen. Covering. Shade. An eco-system. A shelter for the sacred. Individually, we must each be a small but vital part of something much bigger than ourselves.

We must be in our bodies. So that we know what to do to take care of them. Know when to sit something out. Know when to engage. Know when we need care. Know when we can give it.

We must be like the Sequoias. Able to withstand the test of time. The snowfall. The fires. The floods. In it for the long haul. In it for thousands of years. Sturdy. Growing. Nourished by the ancient soil. By the wisdom of all the work that was done before us.

We must be calm when we can, so that we don’t burn out. Dignified. Determined. Unrelenting. Unwilling to deny what is at stake. Unflinching as we look into the future.

No matter how bleak it looks right now.

This is a time to awaken to our shortcomings. To our privileges. To our place in the grand scheme of things. This is a time to witness the greatest initiation we may have gone through in recent history.

Personally, perhaps. Collectively, absolutely.

This is the moment to fill ourselves with what feels generative. Loving. Kind. Life-enhancing. Life-affirming. Life-sustaining. This is the time to gather over good food while we strategize about self-care and the revolution. This is the time to take care of the physical reactions that we are experiencing as the reality of where we are now sinks in. This is the time to educate ourselves on how folks have faced and survived similar tyrannical take-overs. This is the time to find ways to work with the fears in our own hearts and in the hearts of those around us.

This is a time to build and rebuild the most secure connections that we have. To lay roots where we can. To dig into our humanity and our capacity to grow ourselves into the kind of people, the kind of society and the kind of country that we want to leave to the seedlings of the world.

On November 14th at 5:52 AM PT, the extra-super moon in the extra-earthy sign of Taurus, will light up the sky. Taurus is the most grounded of all the signs. The most sturdy. The most fecund. This is the closest, brightest full moon we will have seen since 1948, the likes of which we will not see again until 2034.

This full moon is the pinnacle of the lunar cycle that began with the new moon in Scorpio on October 30th. That new moon sat in the same sign as Black Moon Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith. Its ruler, Mars, sat in a close conjunction with asteroid Lilith.

This full moon sits within 4° of the fixed star, Algol. Sometimes called Lilith by the ancient Hebrew star-gazers, and called the blinking eye of Medusa by the Greeks, Algol is a star that was feared by all. The myths associated with Algol illustrate the suffering, pain and horror that come with deep betrayal. As well as the creative, regenerative power that is accessible to us when we address the harsh blows that life deals us. The full moon, though not exactly conjunct Algol, is close enough to transmit these feelings. At the same time, the sun sits within a couple of degrees of both Black Moon Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith.

Lilith is seen as the succubus. The evil witch. The hated, lawbreaking, wild and untamable woman.

Hers are the screams of the betrayed. Hers are the howling winds of injustice. Hers is the raging spirit of the damned. She is the feared one, the repository of our fears.

The Other.

She is the consequence of the split from the original Mother. The original Source of Life. Goddess. Gaia. Earth. She is the balance to the all good, all powerful, all holy, white, male, savior god. She is the balance point to the patriarchy itself. She is the origins of misogyny and every other sickness we are ill with since it.

If one side is help up too high, someone else has to take the fall.

Lilith is made into a monster because she refuses to tow the line. She refuses to be the gatekeeper. She refuses to refuse herself. She will not agree to place herself below her husband, Adam, in the garden of Eden. Lilith refuses to be relegated to less than. Refuses to be disconnected from her bodily wisdom. From her sexuality. From her erotic power.

Lilith never gives in. She exists on the margins but she cannot be destroyed. Not by the broken-heartedness of being rejected by her counterpart. Not by god. Not by anything. She exists in spite of everything that wants to annihilate her.

She shows up in the garden of Eden one last time as the sacred Mother Snake wrapped around the tree of Knowledge. She offers Eve her wisdom in the form of an apple. She says, “Incorporate my wisdom back into your body. You are more than this so-called paradise could ever hold. You are more complex. You will not grow here. You cannot stay here. You must awaken to your potential. Now.”

May we all awaken to our potential. Now.

Full moon blessings,




  1. Wow! Thank you. I love the story of Lilith and that was the best one yet. Like many people at the moment, I feel utterly defeated by patriarchy and hopeless for the future of humankind. It’s good to remember Lilith and her wisdom.

  2. This full moon is right on my north node… Only a few minutes off. My mother has been amazing recently. From jealous dark moon energy she has transformed (through Alzheimer’s) and is now praising me to the skies…
    I feel blessed, but I am who I am. And I am looking forward to the insights this full moon may bring.

  3. Ellen Walters says:

    Wow Chani this is great. Thank you so much as always – you don’t know me, but I’m a super-fan of yours 🙂 I particularly enjoyed your lunar cycle recordings this month (I’m a natal Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon) and I’m so grateful you’ve introduced be back to Lilith, a goddess I’ve been humbled and grateful to work with in my own magic this month. I bow to the goddess within you and am showing up for the revolution in my own part, thank you for the inspiration on my 27th birthday! Aum

  4. Jessica Radcliffe says:

    I LOVE THIS thank you.

  5. Beatriz Coria says:

    So timely. Thank you.

  6. Beatriz Coria says:

    So timely. Thank you !

  7. Thank you so much for this. you are singing to my dreams; my spirit; my broken heart and my wise survivor soul.

  8. kathryn wilson says:

    right on sister

  9. Chani, this is just so spot on and beautifully written. We are so blessed by your work.

  10. Cherie Ackerson says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post. Just what I needed to receive this morning. “In the roots we are together, in the roots we find each other.”

  11. Beautiful! You are a most amazing and powerful writer…(()) bowing to your clarity & skill. I am not an astrologer, but I respond subtly and forcefully to la luna. Thank you.

  12. Carin Johnson says:

    This is beautiful Chani

  13. may it be so. thank you.

  14. I love this. Thank you for expressing so beautifully what I am.being called to do after this election. I now see the gift in being alive during this time.

  15. Thank you Chani!!!

  16. Thank you for this message. I have Lilith in my first house and have been trying to find ways to give her expression, while balancing the needs of my family.

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