Aiming for Truth: Tuesday’s New Moon in Sagittarius


November 28, 2016


Lunar Love


Join me for Self-Care Strategies for Crushing the Patriarchy, in which you’ll find a New Moon in Sagittarius ritual guide specific for your sign that includes a guided meditation, visualizations, and writing exercises.

There is one race. It is human and we are all it.

There are cultures. There are ethnicities. There are differences. And they are magnificent. There are religions. There are customs. There are traditions. And they are glorious. There are histories. There are holy books. There are ways of breaking bread. And they are astounding in their diverse beauty.

There are privileges. There are oppressions. And they are shamefully upheld by multiple and interlocking systems of power. There are scapegoats. There are injustices. And they are humanity’s greatest blight and ours to make right. There are those that are kept safe. There are those that are deemed “unsafe.” And it’s up to us to change such false narratives.

It is up to us to change all the false narratives that divide us.

Starting with Whiteness.

Whiteness is a lie. A dangerous, disastrous delusion. Whiteness is a construct. A way of controlling and separating the classes. A way of turning people against one another for the betterment of a few fat cats.

Whiteness comes with immense amounts of systemic power and privilege, but Whiteness is a myth. A myth constructed to keep us from our collective power. To keep us from coming for the top.

Whiteness is a sickness. A virus that effects the heart, mind and soul of the wearer. Whiteness spreads its illness. Colonizes. Terrorizes. Steals. Murders. Rapes. Plunders. Appropriates. Proclaims itself a Victor. And Victim. Denying that it is ever Perpetrator. 

Whiteness is not natural. It is an aberration. It is and has always been used as an opiate to the harm that it inflicts. To benefit from Whiteness one must betray their own humanity by remaining asleep to their impact. Presently. Historically.   

Whiteness is a manipulation. It washes away the diversity of cultures. Of ethnicities. Of old worlds. Of old medicines. Of witches and wisdom traditions. Whiteness washes the soul of the lineages it co-opts. Whiteness washes away the beauty of the lineages of all those who are not White in order to prop itself up. Whiteness tells the wearer that having systemic power is greater than maintaining one’s own human dignity. In this world, Whiteness gets away with murder. And gets to blame the victim for the crime.

Whiteness must be defeated. Deconstructed. Looked at, from all sides. Scrutinized. Unveiled. Revealed. Counted. Discounted. Questioned. Understood.

We have too much to lose if we each stay wedded to the power paradigms that divides us.

The new moon arrives on Tuesday, November 29th at 4:18 AM PT at 7° of Sagittarius. Sagittarius, the centaur holding a bow and arrow, is half-beast, half-human. Sagittarius can be feisty, ruckus even, running wild with the fever of whatever has caught its interest. Evangelistic at times, galloping in the direction of what it holds to be true, Sagittarius blazes trails hoping to inspire you to join in the adventure. Brandishing a bow and arrow, Sagittarius is both the one holding the instrument and the instrument itself. Sagittarius, as the point of the arrow, splices through the winds, head-long towards its one, true aim. 

Saturn is currently transiting through the archer’s territory. Saturn is a planet that brings form, structure and encourages a disciplined application of our energy. Sagittarius doesn’t necessarily do discipline (it would rather run on faith), but with Saturn here, there can arise a discipline to work towards realizing what we hold as the Highest. Saturn in Sagittarius can constellate fanaticism. Extremism. Delusions of grandeur. Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius is one of finding meaning and making that meaning a reality.

Saturn has been in a square with Neptune for the past year and change. This new moon is sitting in a close square to Neptune. Neptune dissolves, distorts, makes unclear, is deceptive, is hallucinatory, intoxicating, elevating and idealistic. Neptune works on us through images, feelings, and symbols. Neptune calls for unity, compassion and connection but we cannot answer that call if we do not know how to keep ourselves centered in what is spiritually sound. Like laughing gas, Neptune’s effects are impossible to see but undeniable in their effect on our ability to remain consciously intact.

The Saturn/Neptune square has left us in a swamp of the now dissolved structures, codes of conduct and laws we have come to rely upon. These are murky days. Within a couple of weeks we’ve seen hate normalized in public in a way that erodes the progressive work done by social justice movements for decades. We must find a way through this reality alone and together without losing what is most meaningful to us.

Our moral decency. Our self-respect. Our dignity. Our faith in our ability to do what is right.     

The asteroid goddess, Juno, sits in an exact conjunction with the new moon. Juno is the goddess of marriage, Queen of the Heavens, protectress of women and those that are betrayed. Juno’s story is, like all myths, complex. Depending on the needs of those in power, Juno’s myth shifts. Like all stories of the Goddess, if we reach back far enough, She holds great power and authority. When we fast forward, She usually becomes an addendum to the patriarchy, unhappily so, especially in Juno’s case.

Made to marry Jupiter (the new patriarchal power), Juno (the age-old matriarchy) is cheated on, betrayed countless times, and refused respect. She isn’t loved as she deserves to be. She represents the deep spiritual sorrow of the forced and unlawful marriage of the supposed “conquered” and the “conqueror”.

Juno in relationship to the new moon and the Saturn/Neptune square can teach us about the nature of being committed to what we love. She can serve to remind us about the futility of staying married to a system that has no regard for our well-being. She can remind us of the need to be vigilantly protective of those in need, especially those most vulnerable in climates such as this.

May our love for each other be true. May our love be an act of solidarity and defiance in the face of all that wishes to distort it. May our love be a rebellion against all tyrannies of fear and may it always be a testament to the power of unity. 

New moon blessings,



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