Awaken Your Witch: Rituals for the New Moon in Scorpio and the Astrology from Oct 30 – Nov 29


October 17, 2016




The new moon in Scorpio on October 30th initiates us into a lunar cycle within which to make magic. Occurring in and around many of the festivals that address the liminal nature of this time of year, the new moon in Scorpio is an invitation to reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors. Traditionally known as a time when the veils between worlds is thinnest, we can more easily access the other realms. Our psychic capabilities are heightened and access to the spirit world is made more attainable.

This time of year’s festivities remind us of the fleeting nature of life and our unending connection to all those that have passed from this realm on to the next. Making a conscious effort to engage with these rituals in a meaningful way can helps us to live life more fully.

This is the last lunar cycle that is free of (inner planet) retrogrades for quite some time. Unencumbered by massive astrological movements, we are free to cast spells of wellness and recuperate the energy that has been spent over the last couple of hectic seasons. With many astrologically helpful days, there will be plenty of opportunities for each of us to use this time to reestablish the rhythms that are best for us.

The most impressive aspect occurring within this lunar cycle is Jupiter in Libra’s first square to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect will reveal certain hungers and appetites for expansion, creating abundance and making success a must in whatever part of our chart Jupiter is transiting through.

In this course, you’ll receive:

  • Auspicious times to work with as well as days to watch out for;
  • A recording for your sign that will describe, in detail, how the astrology of this lunar cycle will affect your sign’s chart and how to best work with it;
  • A new moon ritual for your sign
  • Advice on how to set up an altar specific to this cycle’s new moon
  • A full moon reflection exercise for your sign;
  • A ritual focused on working with ancestral knowledge, healing your connection to your lineage and cutting energetic cords that hold you back

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