Beauty, Balance & Bounty: Jupiter in Libra


September 6, 2016



jupiter in libra - squareJupiter’s change of sign happens once a year. Every 12-months we get to see what growth can occur within the confines of a particular sign. Jupiter often works like a magnifying influence, exaggerating the qualities of the sign it has entered, enhancing our ability to make the most of a certain area of our chart and therefore of our lives.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth, expansion, optimism and abundance on material and spiritual levels enters Libra on September 9th and will remain there until October 11th, 2017. Libra is the sign of relationships, balance, beauty, harmony, equanimity and justice. Jupiter’s time in this sign will teach us much about these realms of life and how to make the most of them in our lives.

Through this course, I’ll provide teachings, homework, rituals and writing exercises to help you to heal long-standing issues of lack and scarcity so that you can create beauty, balance and bounty along-side Jupiter’s transit through Libra.

In this course you will learn:

•The significance of Jupiter and its cycles of growth;

•What role Jupiter plays in your birth chart;

•What areas of your life Jupiter rules;

•What your natal Jupiter tells you about your ability to expand into the opportunities that come your way;

•What this year-long transit of Jupiter in Libra means for you personally;

•The significations of the house in your chart that contains Libra.


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