How to Thrive In Eclipse Season


August 21, 2016



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Eclipses come in pairs. They signal times of endings and beginnings. Openings and closings. Power shifts and lasting change. On September 1st there will be a solar eclipse in Virgo and on September 16th there will be a lunar eclipse in Pisces. Eclipse season is a time when we can expect rapid growth and acceleration in a certain area of our lives.


In astrology, the Virgo/Pisces axis is about healing on micro and macro levels. While Virgo carries with it the wisdom of the earth’s way of healing by breaking things down, organizing, digesting, categorizing and assimilating, Pisces heals through the wisdom of the waters that flush out our wounds and wash away the separations between us so that we might remember that we are unified and connected to each other and all of life.


Virgo is discerning. Pisces is unifying. We need both to attributes to heal.


These eclipses will be activating two distinct areas of our lives and our astrological charts. Because eclipses tend to up the ante, working with September’s eclipses can help us to make monumental shifts in our lives, more so if we are aware of how they are personally effecting us, what they are asking us to engage with and how we might best take advantage of the opportunity for growth that is being presented to us.


During this eclipse season Mercury will be retrograde, Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion is also changing signs from Virgo to Libra and Saturn will make its last square to Neptune. It’s is a month of endings and beginnings on many astrological levels. By the time September comes to a close we will be onto many new endeavors and adventures.


In this course, you’ll receive:

  • an in-depth look at the astrology for eclipse season (September 1st-29th) including auspicious times to work with as well as days to watch out for;
  • a separate recording for each sign that will describe, in detail, how the eclipses are affecting each sign’s chart and how to best work with them;
  • a specific new moon/solar eclipse ritual for each sign
  • a specific full moon/lunar eclipse ritual for each sign;
  • advice on how to set up altars specific to these eclipses
  • what to expect for this Mercury retrograde, Jupiter moving into Libra and the last Saturn/Neptune square according to your sign


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