Past Event: Emotional Clearing: New Moon in Cancer and the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from July 15th – August 14th


July 20, 2015



moon in cancer

This may well be one of the more intense new moons of the year. Not only is there a conjunction of the sun and moon in Cancer but Mars and Mercury are also in Cancer, exactly conjunct each other and opposing Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the new moon. 

It’s an emotionally dense day and start to this lunar cycle but it can be used to understand more complex patterns that we inherited from our families of origin. This new moon can act as an opportunity to understand, break away from, compost and transform the deeply entrenched internal dynamics and defenses that inhibit us from enjoying what is loving, nourishing and healing in our lives.

In this call we will do a ritual to help understand and clear the more difficult aspects of our emotional makeup as well as looking at the month ahead-from new moon to new moon (July 15th – August 14th). This next lunar cycle contains some of the more impactful astrological points of 2015 and we will outline each of them together. We will detail all the potentially auspicious days to work with as well as ones that could be potentially problematic.

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